Brigham and Women's Hospital

25 Archived Projects

Title Investigator Start
AIDS Clinical Trials Group Network Aweeka
Oral HIV/AIDS Research Alliance at UCSF Shiboski
ACTG A5295: Evaluation of Xpert MTB/RIF Assay for the Rapid Identification of TB and TB Rifampin Resistance in HIV-Infected and Uninfected Pulmonary Tuberculosis Suspects Havlir
AIDS Clinical Trials Network (ACTG)- Peter Hunt Task Order Hunt
AIDS Clinical Trial Group (ACTG) Tuberculosis TSG Services Havlir
AIDS Clinical Trials Network (ACTG)-Deeks (Co-Vice Chair) A5296 Deeks
ACTG, AIDS Clinical Trials Research Group - A5289 and A5255 Luetkemeyer
A Phase II Study to Evaluate the Immunogenicity and Safety of a Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in HIV-1-Infected Females Palefsky
AIDS Clinical Trial Research Group (ACTG), Studies: A5306, A5254, A5298 Havlir
Novel Maltodextrin-Based, Bacterial Targeting Probes for Bioimaging of Viable MTB in Vivo Nahid
Effect of low dose methotrexate on endothelial function and inflammation in HIV - A5314 Havlir
Oral HIV/AIDS Research Alliance Shiboski
AIDS Clinical Trials Group; Protocol Funds Havlir
Novel Maltodextrin-Based, Bacterial Targeting Probes for Bioimaging of Viable MTB In Vivo Nahid
2.1 Project Title ACTG: AIDS Clinical Trials Group Aweeka
AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG), TSG Committee Chair funding Peters
AIDS Clinical Trial Group Network- Protocol Funding Agreement (Core Funding) Havlir
Prevalence of baseline and longitudinal heteroresistant M. tuberculosis and association with patient-important outcomes Metcalfe
The effects of alcohol on acute HIV associated neurocognitive disorders Pilcher
AIDS Clinical Trials Group Gandhi
Sputum Transcriptomic Expression Profiling in Study 31 (STEPS 31) Nahid
ACTG A5335s Specialty Lab Havlir
AIDS Clinical Trials Group: REPRIEVE Trial Ancillary Study Havlir
Effect of Pitavastatin on Kidney Function in HIV-infected Persons Havlir
SEARCH/AIDS Clinical Trial Research Group Havlir