Global Research Projects

The Global Research Projects (GRP) database highlights the work of more than 1000 UCSF investigators conducting projects in more than 190 countries. These diverse research and training projects encompass the fields of policy, epidemiology, behavioral science, diagnostics and drug development, clinical trials and bench science. The database is intended as a tool for researchers, students, and members of the global health community to explore UCSF research activities and to look for mentors, collaborators, colleagues, and experts on a range of global health topics.

The GRP database allows exploration by topic, country and region, and investigator. Key UCSF areas of focus include HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, women's health, in addition to cross-cutting themes such as implementation science, epidemiology, and policy and economics. As a leading educational institution, UCSF is also very active in training and capacity building activities.

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