About Us

The Global Research Projects website is a tool for researchers, students, and members of the global health community to explore UCSF research activities and to look for mentors, collaborators, colleagues, and experts on a range of global health topics.

UCSF Global Research team works across the entire UCSF community -- with legal counsel, risk management, research administration, individual researchers and clinicians, and educational programs -- to advocate for and implement policies, procedures, and resources to support international researchers at UCSF.

Database FAQ

  • How are projects selected for inclusion?
    We review a recent awards for studies or projects that are fully or partially conducted outside the US, or that have applicability to global health topics.
  • How can I add or edit my project/program/name?
    Please contact us using our online form.
  • Why isn't my project included?
    Possibly an oversight? Please contact us using our online form.

UCSF Global Research Team

About This Website

This website was developed by UCSF Global Research, and is supported by UCSF Global Health Sciences (GHS).

The team at the UCSF Center for HIV Information designed and built globalprojects.ucsf.edu using the UCSF Drupal Web Starter Kit as a foundation.