Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

15 Archived Projects

Title Investigator Start End
Sensitivity of Electronic Alcohol Diagnosis Weisner
Kaiser Permanente Adult Member Health Survey Weisner
Alcohol Trajectories and Service Use in Young Adults: Nine Years Post Treatment Weisner
Life-Course and Cost Trajectories of Alcohol Patients: a 15-Year Study Weisner
High Deductible Health Plans: Substance Abuse Service Use and Cost Trajectories Weisner
Alcohol SBIRT Implementation in an HMO: Non-Physician Providers vs. Physicians Weisner
The CYGNET Study: Environmental and Genetic Determinants of Maturation of Girls Hiatt
Kaiser Permanente Cervical Cancer Prevention (CCaP) Network Sawaya
Prescription of Opioid Management in Chronic Pain Patients: A Patient-Centered Activation Intervention Weisner
DIADS Project 2: Racial Disparities in Ischemic Stroke and Atherosclerotic Risk Factors in the Young Fullerton
Buprenorphine and Substance Abuse Services for Prescription Opioid Dependence Weisner
Integrating Addiction Research in Health Systems: the Addiction Research Network (ARN) Weisner
HMORN UCSF Center for Diabetes Translational Research Schillinger
Population-based Screening and Brief Intervention in Primary Care: Health and Drinking Outcomes, Cost and Utilization Weisner
2/3 COMpAAAS Tripartite: ART-CC, KP, and VA Satre