NIH National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

22 Archived Projects

Title Investigator Start End
Impact of Services on Problem Drinking Trajectories Weisner
Outcome and Cost of Day Hospital vs. Outpatient Care Weisner
Family Members of Alcohol Patients Utilization and Cost Weisner
Measurement of Alcohol Use among HIV-Positives in Uganda Hahn
Gender Differences in Problem Drinking Trajectories Weisner
Improving Alcohol and Drug Services for Older Adults Satre
Screening for Youth Alcohol and Drug Use: A Study of Primary Care Providers Weisner
Interaction of Alcohol and HAART in HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS and HCV Coinfection McCance-Katz
Context and Correlates of Health Behaviors in South India Ekstrand
Motivational Interviewing to Reduce Substance Use Among Depression Patients Satre
Structural Alcohol Intervention to Reduce HIV Risk Behavior among Gay Bar Patrons Charlebois
Changes in Alcohol Consumption in HIV Positives in Uganda Hahn
Family Members of Alcohol Patients: Utilization and Cost Weisner
Impact of Heavy Alcohol Use on Pre-ART HIV Disease -- Uganda ARCH Cohort Hahn
Screening for Youth Alcohol and Drug Use: A Study of Primary Care Providers Weisner
Primary Care-Based Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Use Among HIV Patients Satre
Alcohol Use and High Risk Behavior Among HIV-Positive Men Woolf-King
Selectively targeting delta opioid receptor subtypes to control drinking behavior Whistler
Mentoring Multidisciplinary Patient-Oriented Research in Viral Hepatitis Khalili
Alcohol and Condom Use among HIV+ Ugandan Adults: a Prospective Event-Level Study Woolf-King
Training in Research Program on Alcohol Use by Persons-with-or-at-Risk for HIV Hahn
Opto/Chemo-genetic Analysis of Locus Coeruleus CRF and Compulsive Ethanol Intake Hopf