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Title Investigator Start End
Pre-B Cell Receptor Signaling in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Muschen
Epigenetic Regulation of Pancreatic Cancer Hebrok
Translating HP 13C MRI as a Novel Paradigm for Assessing Drug Target Inhibition Vigneron
Impact of Low IL-10 Levels at Birth and Leukemia Risk Wiemels
Inducible systems for studying liver tumor maintenance in vivo Chen
SWI/SNF complex in mouse HCC development Chen
Analysis of Tobacco Industry Documents Glantz
Antibody Research Technology Center Marks
Drugging the Switch-II Pocket of K-Ras Shokat
Evaluating a community-driven cervical cancer prevention model in western Kenya Huchko
Modeling the Impact of Targeted Therapy Based on Breast Cancer Subtypes Esserman
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms in Cancer Werb
Uganda-UCSF Consortium on Prevention and Early Detection of HIV-associated Cancer Martin
A study of environmental exposure to perfluorinated substances and cancer risk in California Reynolds
CT DOSE Collaboratory Smith-Bindman
A Technological Platform for the Identification of Serine Proteases in Cancer Craik
Using Stromal Markers to Improve Risk Stratification of Ductal Carcinoma in Situ Tlsty
Tension-Stat3-miR-mediated metastasis Weaver
New therapeutic HPV vaccines for HIV-infected men and women Palefsky
Risk of Pediatric and Adolescent Cancer Associated with Medical Imaging Smith-Bindman
Pharmacogenomics of Microtubule Targeting Agents Kroetz
CD36-dependent stromal signaling orchestrates acquisition of pro-tumorigenic phenotypes Tlsty
Role of GATA3 in transcriptional pathways suppressing breast cancer metastasis Werb
Immunotherapy of human bladder cancer Fong
A Technological Platform for the Identification of Serine Proteases in Cancer Craik
Stigma as a barrier to cancer palliative care outcomes among people with HIV in India Ekstrand
Training Program in Translational Brain Tumor Research Costello
UCSF / Northrop Grumman - Oncology Models Forum Butte
Living Tumor Biopsies to Interrogate Immune Function and Response to Therapy Krummel
Canadian Fluoroscopy Cohort Study: Lifespan Mortality and Incidence Follow-Up Zablotska
Sleep and Cancer: Evaluation of Risk and Insights into Mechanisms Reynolds
Effect of Tobacco Advocacy at the State Level Glantz
Coverage, Price, and Reimbursement for Multigene Tests for Cancer and Related Conditions Phillips
Postdoctoral training in tobacco control Ling
(PQ4) Anal HPV infection and anal HSIL among HIV-infected MSM aged 50+ years Palefsky
Biological implications of breast cancer protective variants in Latin American women with high Indigenous American ancestry Fejerman
Precision Genomics in the WISDOM Pragmatic Clinical Trial: An Embedded ELSI Study of Risk-based Breast Cancer Screening Koenig
Optimizing biologically-based rational polytherapy in ALK+ lung cancer Bivona
Anti-Tumor Mechanisms of Intratumoral Stimulatory Dendritic Cells Krummel
Developing silastic-silicone for the local delivery of hormonal therapy to prevent and treat breast cancer Munster
Improving Survivorship Care for Diverse Cancer Patients Cared for in Safety-net Settings Sarkar
Genetics of mammographic density and breast cancer risk in Latinas Ziv
Plastic States Associated with Cellular Stress and Malignancy: Insights for Prevention and Treatment of Lethal Metaplastic Cancers Tlsty
New Ways of Targeting K-Ras McCormick
Role of HIV in acceleration of HPV malignancy Tugizov

107 Archived Projects

Title Investigator Start End
Natural History of Anal Neoplasia in HIV-Infected Men Palefsky
Safety of a Nicotine Reduction Strategy Benowitz
NK Cell Receptors and Their Ligands Lanier
NK and T-Cell Costimulation by NKG2D/DAP10 Lanier
Active Surveillance for Early Stage Prostate Cancer: Selection, Monitoring Carroll
Herpesviral Gene Expression in Kaposi's Sarcoma Ganem
Anal HPV Infection and ASIL in HIV+ and HIV- Women Palefsky
XI International Conference on Human Retrovirology: HTLV Murphy
RAE-1 Family of Proteins in Innate and Adaptive Immunity Lanier
Molecular Effects of Nutrition Supplements in Prostate Carroll
A Study Investigating the Association of HPV-Related Biomarkers with the Detection of Anal Precancer And Cancer in HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) Darragh
Tobacco Industry Influence on the U.S. Military Malone
Patient-reported Measures of Cultural and Linguistic Competence Napoles
UCSF Prostate Cancer SPORE Carroll
Safety of Nicotine Reduction Strategy Benowitz
Communicating about Clinical Trials: Bringing the Cancer Information Service (CIS) to the Underserved [II] Burke
XV International Conference on Human Retrovirology: HTLV and Related Viruses Murphy
Antiretroviral Therapy of AIDS-Related Kaposi's Sarcoma in Africa Martin
Determinants of Participation in an Anal Cancer Prevention Trial Palefsky
Enhancing civilian support for military tobacco control Malone
Role of Metalloproteinases in Mammary Gland Remodeling Werb
MYCN and Medulloblastoma Weiss
Pre-B Cell Receptor Signaling in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Muschen
Imaging and Tissue Biomarkers in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Nelson
Metabolic Imaging of the Prostate Using 3-D MRSI Vigneron
A PTEN-Regulated Ubiquitin Switch Controlling TRAIL Sensitivity in GBM Pieper
Transcriptional Regulation of Breast Cancer Metastasis Werb
Admixture Mapping for Breast Cancer in Latinas Ziv
Communicating about Clinical Trials: Bringing the Cancer Information Service (CIS) to the Underserved [I] Burke
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms in Cancer Werb
NK Cell Biology Lanier
AID-Mediated Genetic Instability in Bcr-Abl1-Transformed B Cell Lineage Leukemia Muschen
Molecular Genetics of Liver Cancers Chen
Subregional Breast Density and Cancer Risk Shepherd
Lipogenic Inhibitors in Prevention of Oncogene Induced Liver Cancer Chen
Regulation of Genomic Instability in Early Breast Cancer Tlsty
Natural History of HPV Infection to Neoplasia Moscicki
PET and MR-Compatible Bioreactor for Cross-Platform Biomarker Development Vanbrocklin
Risk of Leukemia after Protracted Exposures to Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation. Zablotska
Lay health workers and colorectal cancer screening among Chinese Americans Nguyen
MiRNAs as prognostic markers for prostate cancer patients on active surveillance Blelloch
Understanding Smokeless Tobacco Marketing Ling
Uganda-UCSF Research Training Program in HIV-Associated Malignancies Martin
HPV-Related Neoplasia among HIV-Seropositive Indian Men Who Have Sex With Men Palefsky
Incidence of HIV among Indian Men Who Have Sex with Men Palefsky
Training Program in Translational Brain Tumor Research Pieper
Embryonic signaling pathways in pancreatic cancer Hebrok
The GNAQ pathway as a therapeutic target in uveal melanoma Bastian
Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology of Adult Glioma Wrensch
Extracellular Proteolysis as a Molecular Stratification Tool for Cancer Craik
Infectious Origins of Childhood Leukemia [II] Muschen
Impact of molecular phenotype on glioma metabolism and growth Nelson
A Phase I Study of Convection-Enhanced, Image-Assisted Delivery of Liposomal-Irinotecan Using Imaging in High Grade Glioma Butowski
Symptoms Clusters in Oncology Patients Receiving Chemotherapy Miaskowski
Promoting Post-Treatment Self-Management among Latinos with Cancer Napoles
MR Metabolic Imaging of Response to Targeted Therapies in GBM Ronen
Non-Invasive Differentiation of Benign Lesions from Aggressive Pancreatic Cancer Craik
Postdoctoral training in tobacco control Glantz
Fatty acid transporters in cholangiocarcinoma pathogenesis Chen
Countering Young Adult Tobacco Marketing in Bars Ling
Effect of Tobacco Advocacy at the State Level Glantz
Exploring voluntary tobacco-related initiatives by businesses Malone
Targeting the c-Met/HGF Axis in acute Myeloid Leukemia Andreadis
The role of HDAC2 in hormone therapy resistance Munster
Characterization of and Treatment for Chemotherapy Neuropathy Miaskowski
Genome wide association study of breast cancer subtype and survival in Latinas Fejerman
Risk of hematologic cancers from repeated low-dose diagnostic radiation. Zablotska
Identifying the intercellular networks regulating estrogen receptor expression with a high definition single cell printer Gartner
Genetics of Mammographic Density in Ashkenazi Jews Ziv
A Causal Role for Asymmetric Cell Division Defects in Glioma Initiation Petritsch
PRE-VIEW An Interactive Video Doctor to Encourage Cancer Screening Walsh-Cassidy
Influence of germ line genetic variation on myeloma progression and survival Ziv
Cutting Edge Lineage Tracking of Tumor-Educated Immune Cells Krummel
Dar es Salaam ESCC Case-Control Study Van Loon Steitz
Rational Combined Inhibition of NF-kB and EGFR to Optimize Lung Cancer Treatment Bivona
Using Comparative Effectiveness Analyses to Optimize Cervical Cancer Screening Sawaya
Identifying the targets of oncogenic/tumor-suppressive F box proteins Toczyski
Serum Androgens as Predictors of Survival in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Ryan
Genetic network analysis of cancer targets Weiss
Murine Neuroblastoma Models for Preclinical Therapeutics Weiss
(PQC4) Fate of cells disseminating from human breast cancer xenografts Werb
Gene Regulation by Steroid Receptor Proteins Yamamoto
Genetic Susceptibility to Pediatric Glioma in Individuals and Diverse populations Wiemels
Genetic and Epidemiological Approaches to Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk Ziv
Investigating Institutional Influences on Tobacco Control Malone
Molecular Genetics of Liver Cancers Chen
Understanding Smokeless Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Marketing Ling
Understanding the Role of Altered Metabolism in Gliomagenesis Pieper
Metabolic Reprogramming in Brain Tumors Ronen
Lesion Composition and Quantitative Imaging Analysis on Breast Cancer Diagnosis Shepherd
Targeting Oncogenic BRAF And PI3'-Kinase Signaling For Melanoma Therapy McMahon
Negative feedback signaling in tyrosine kinase-driven leukemia Muschen
Targeting BCL6 in tyrosine kinase-driven leukemia Muschen
Brain Tumor Epidemiology in the Era of Precision Medicine Wiemels
MR Metabolic Markers for Evaluation of Patients with Recurrent Glioma Nelson
(PQ5) Role of HIV-associated cellular miRNAs in HPV 16-induced pathogenesis Palefsky
Perinatal Immune Development and Risk of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Wiemels
Brain Tumor Spore Grant Berger
Improved Models to Inform Tobacco Product Regulation Glantz
Genetic models for exRNA communication McManus
Role of Metalloproteinases in Mammary Gland Remodeling Werb
Improved Models to Inform Tobacco Product Regulation Glantz
In Vivo Regulated Release and Function of Extracellular Small RNAs Blelloch
Exposomic approach to understand the effect of immigration and genetic ancestry on breast cancer risk in U.S. Latinas Fejerman
Influencing cervical cancer prevention and detection online through social media Sarkar
Elucidating the molecular and contextual basis for IDLE ultralow risk lesions and the tumor immune microenvironment of high risk in situ and invasive breast cancers Esserman
The Microbiome and Anal Cancer Pathogenesis in HIV-infected Men who have Sex with Men Palefsky