University of California Institute for Mexico and the U.S. (UC MEXUS)

15 Archived Projects

Title Investigator Start End
Leveraging mosquito antiviral immunity to detect viral infections: Towards a scalable field-based approach for predicting arbovirus epidemics Andino-Pavlovsky
MicroRNAs Circulantes Asociados Con Riesgo De Diabetes En Latinos Flowers
Improving Diabetes Counselling Guides for Post-Partum Latina Moms Handley
Transcriptional rewiring of aging pathways and dietary restriction effects in yeasts
Using Participatory Mapping Among Mexican Migrants to Foster Health Literacy Skills Handley
Enhancing Mexican Capacity for Cardiovascular Policy Research Bibbins-Domingo
Latino Parents' Beliefs Regarding Infant Solid Food Consumption Beck
Lifetime trauma exposure, Chronic Pain, Depression and PTSD in Mexican women: A pilot study Humphreys
Understanding How Latino Parents Make Decisions Regarding Their Infants and Toddlers Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Participation in Screen Time Activities Beck
RNA Interference and High-Content Image Analysis to Discover New Drug Targets to Treat the Tropical Disease Schistosomiasis Rojo-Arreola
Strengthening Indigenous Food Identity and Minimizing Chronic Disease Risk Handley
Transcriptional Responses of Parasite and Host during Intestinal Colonization and Invasion by Entamoeba histolytica McKerrow
The Role of Migration and Aculturation in Childhood Obesity Wojcicki
Metagenomics for Detection and Discovery of Viruses Associated with Acute Gastroenteritis in Mexico Chiu
Molecular Epidemiology of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Mexico