20 Archived Projects

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Start End
Efficacy and Safety of Eraxis/Ecalta (Anidulafungin) Compared to Cancidas (Caspofungin) in Patients with Candida Deep Tissue Infection: A Phase 4 Study
Exploring the Role of CDK4 and CDK6 in Melanoma Maintenance
International Fellowship Program in Drug Development
A Prophylactic Strategy Using Voriconazole vs. Inhaled Amphotericin to Prevent Invasive Aspergillosis in Lung Transplant Recipients
Phase IV Open-Label, Non-comparative Trial of IV Anidulafungin followed by Oral Azole Therapy for the Treatment of Candidemia and Invasive Candidiasis
A8851009: A Prospective, Randomized Trial Comparing the Efficacy of Anidulafungin and Voriconazole in Combination to that of Voriconazole Alone When Used For Primary Therapy of Proven or Probable Invasive Aspergillosis
Mycotic Ulcer Treatment Trial (MUTT) Acharya
A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Efficacy &Safety of Atorvastatin in Patients w/ Clinically Isolated Syndrome & High Risk for Conversion to M.S. Bluestone
Rifabutin Based Therapy for Eradication of Staph Carriage in HIV-Infected Individuals with Prior Skin Structure Infections Chambers
Accelerating and Intensifying Tuberculosis Case Finding in Uganda Davis
The Use of Nelfinavir During Acute or Early HIV Infection - Safety, Tolerability, Durablilty and Resistance Hare
QB3-UCSF Pfizer Collaboration Kelly
HIV Clinical Scholars Fellowship Lin
ViiV Healthcare A4001098 Luetkemeyer
Pfizer A4001027: Observational Phase Extension Luetkemeyer
A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial of a Novel CCR5 Antagonist, UK427,857, for the Treatment of Antiretroviral-Experienced HIV-1-Infected Subjects Luetkemeyer
Effects of Maraviroc on HIV-related Kaposi Sarcoma Maurer
Twelve-Week Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Varenicline Tartrate ( CP-526,555) in Comparison to Zyban for Smoking Cessation Reus
UCSF Cutaneous Immunology Core: OSM Project Rosenblum
Pfizer International Growth Study (KIGS) - Protocol TRN 87-052-45 (CCID A6281276) Rosenthal