QB3-UCSF Pfizer Collaboration

Investigator: Regis Kelly, MD
Sponsor: Pfizer

Location(s): United States


Pfizer and QB3 have worked together since 2008 as strategic partners in an alliance focused on engaging UC faculty and Pfizer scientists in collaborative R&D opportunities. Over 25 collaborations have been funded since the partnership was initiated and have produced several licensing opportunities and numerous publications. In 2011, Pfizer expanded the scope of this partnership to include collaborations with startups via the Pfizer Seed Fund, an investment vehicle also administered through Pfizer’s External R&D Innovation (ERDI) organization.

Most successful academic/pharma collaborations arise from projects where each partner is able to contribute not only complementary scientific skill sets but also unique insights necessary for addressing specific scientific questions. Pfizer is looking for these types of external projects to collaborate on and is focused on those that directly align with their current R&D strategies. Collaborative opportunities of interest to Pfizer will be supported through direct funding of laboratory personnel and reagents used in the project and can also include in-kind support from across Pfizer’s extensive internal R&D capabilities.