NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse

39 Archived Projects

Title Investigator
Start End
Analytical Services Center for Medications Development Program
Cigarette Harm Reduction with Scheduled Electronic Cigarette Use Benowitz
Clinical Pharmacology of Electronic Cigarettes Benowitz
RCT of an integrative intervention for non-treatment-seeking meth users Carrico
The Medical Consequences of Different Types of Heroin Ciccarone
Heroin in Transition Ciccarone
Marketing, FDA communication, tobacco perceptions and use in addiction treatment Guydish
PrEP disengagement in stimulant and heavy alcohol using men who have sex with men and transgender women. Hojilla
Pain Management in Clinic & Community Knight
Examining the Consequences of Opioid Restrictions on Patients, Clinical Care, and Community Health Knight
Short-term and long-term effects of methamphetamine exposure on residual viral transcription during treated HIV disease Lee
Substance Use and HIV Prevention Research in Minority Communities Training Program Lightfoot
Enhancing Civilian Support for Military Tobacco Control Malone
Opioids & HIV Medications: Interactions in Drug Abusers McCance-Katz
Informing hepatitis C virus elimination strategies with epidemiological data from highest need populations Morris
Understanding the Interpersonal Context of HIV/HCV risk within Injecting Dyads Morris
Linking local variation in marijuana and opioid policies to health outcomes Ramo
Using Facebook to address smoking and heavy drinking in young adults Ramo
Social Media Intervention for Young Adult Smokers Ramo
Effects of Polydrug Use, Adulterants and HIV on Cardiac Injury in Homeless Women Riley
Mentoring patient-oriented research on the health consequences of polydrug use Riley
Adolescent ENDS Use, Nicotine Metabolism and Toxicant Exposure Rubinstein
START: Study of Trauma and Reduction of HIV Transmission Rush
Intermittent Naltrexone among Polysubstance-using Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) Santos
Treatment with Lorcaserin for Cocaine Use - The TLC Study Santos
The Impact of Health Care Reform on Addiction and HIV Services Satre
Implementing computerized substance use and depression screening and evidence-based treatments in an HIV primary care population Satre
Testing Medical Marijuana's Unintended Consequences for Youth and Young Adults Schmidt
Culturally relevant intervention development for incarcerated transgender women Sevelius
Drug Abuse Treatment/Services Research Training Program Sorensen
Western States Node of the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network Sorensen
Evaluation of Harmful Effects of Cannabis Smoke on Vascular Endothelial Function Springer
Cambodia Integrated HIV and Drug Prevention Implementation Stein
Gender-Responsive Drug Use Treatment for Juvenile Justice Girls Tolou-Shams
Drug Use and HIV/STI Risk Trajectories in Court-Involved, Non-Incarcerated Youth Tolou-Shams
Treating Chinese Smokers with Interactive Expert Systems Tsoh
A Family-Focused Intervention for Asian American Male Smokers Tsoh
Genetic Variation in the Neuropeptide S Receptor and Opioid Abuse Liability Whistler
Dopamine receptor trafficking in drug sensitization and behavioral flexibility Whistler