UCSF AIDS Research Training Program

Sponsor: NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

Location(s): United States


The AIDS Institutional Training Grant (AITG) aimed at providing physicians and other scientists interested in HIV research with the proper training in laboratory disciplines critical to the pursuit of an independent career in HIV/AIDS research.  The faculty offers a multi-faceted approach to HIV infection and includes expertise in immunology, virology, molecular biology and pathogenesis. There is also an emphasis on animal models, vaccine development and gene therapy. Trainees must have completed their clinical training and will be selected based on their capabilities to become independent investigators and their commitment to a career in research. Emphasis is given to recruiting minority applicants. After acceptance into the program, the fellows and faculty mutually agree upon a research preceptor who will be responsible for selecting research projects that allow the fellow to learn laboratory techniques, design experiments, interpret results, and report the results in both written and oral presentations. The guidance of the preceptor is supplemented with didactic training in selected topics, including molecular virology and statistics, through seminars, journal clubs, and research presentations. In addition, twice a year the trainees meet as a group with the preceptors to exchange information. The progress of all trainees is monitored by a Steering Committee composed of internal and external scientists who meet with the fellows once a year.