HIV Incidence Testing using Multiple Biological Specimens

Investigator: Christopher Pilcher, MD
Sponsor: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Location(s): South Africa


HIV Incidence Testing using Multiple Biological Specimens (CEPHIA II)
BSRI will receive and assemble specimen sets collected under the CEPHIA-II project, distributing to collaborating researchers, and maintaining the specimens in storage. Additionally, BSRI will assist as required in assay evaluations or in characterization of CEPHIA II specimens on existing laboratory testing as determined by the CEPHIA leadership
The CEPHIA specimen repository is comprised of highly characterized specimens, predominantly from patients with known dates of HIV seroconversion, from whom sufficient specimen volumes were available to permit preparation of multiple replicate aliquots. These specimens have been contributed by a small number of collaborating blood banks and clinical research studies enrolling and following seroconverters over time.