Valley Fever Vaccine Project

Investigator: George Rutherford, MD
Sponsor: California State University Bakersfield Foundation

Location(s): United States


The Dept. of Public Health has worked in partnership with the Valley Fever Vaccine Project -VFVP since 1998 to address the public health burden of this disease by supporting Valley Fever research. 
Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) is an orphan disease that has been ignored by the pharmaceutical industry.  It is caused by breathing in the spores of a soil fungus found primarily in the southwest portion of the U.S. 
The Valley Fever Vaccine Project (VFVP) is an academic-based consortium. 
• California State University, Bakersfield, serves as the primary contractor for the VFVP 
• University of California holds the commercialization rights to the vaccine 
• University of California/San Francisco provides day-to-day project oversight of the VFVP 
• Research and development team comprised of scientists from University of California/Davis, University of California/San Diego, University of Arizona, and University of Texas/San Antonio