Understanding the role of food insecurity and depression in non-adherence to Option B+ among perinatal Kenyan women living with HIV: a Syndemics approach

Investigator: Emily L. Tuthill, PhD
Sponsor: NIH National Institute of Mental Health

Location(s): Kenya


Eliminating HIV transmission from mother to child is now possible through effective prevention strategies but mothers living with HIV are still at increased risk for HIV treatment non-adherence and suboptimal exclusive breastfeeding- both crucial to prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV and maternal and infant health. This program of research provides a targeted, supportive, innovative approach to improve adherence to prevention of mother to child transmission strategies by targeting modifiable determinants of non-adherence. We will look at the interplay between food insecurity and depression for the first time among pregnant and postpartum women and develop a supportive intervention that takes into account the complex, multi-layered lives women inhabit.