Understanding Disparities in Quitting in African American and White Smokers

Investigator: Neal Benowitz, MD
Sponsor: University of Kansas / KU Med Ctr

Location(s): United States


While many studies have evaluated the use of drugs for quitting smoking among Whites, few have assessed efficacy with AAs. Racial/ethical differences in smoking are well documented. AAs smoke less than White smokers but experience disproportionately greater smoking disease and death.

Past studies by the researchers in this study looked at how effective other smoking cessation methods are in AAs. These methods included nicotine gum, nicotine patch and buproprion SR. This study will be evaluating varenicline in both AA and White smokers. There has not been a study conducted yet to prospectively research AA-White differences in smoking cessation and also to examine potential causal pathways explaining AA-White differences in quitting.