Understanding the community acceptability of reactive targeted mass drug administration and indoor residual spraying for malaria elimination: a qualitative study in Zambezi Region, Namibia

Investigator: Aly Maglior, MS
Sponsor: Global Health Sciences Education

Location(s): Namibia


In order to eliminate malaria, new strategies to target the parasite in humans and mosquito are being evaluated. In Zambezi Region, Namibia, reactive Targeted Parasite Elimination (TPE), also known as targeted mass drug administration (MDA), and reactive indoor residual spraying (IRS) with insecticide are being trialed in communities where there has been a recent symptomatic malaria case. In order for these interventions to be effective, high (>85%) coverage is required. To evaluate the feasibility of reactive TPE and IRS, we will perform a mixed methods study to elucidate the facilitators and barriers to community acceptability of TPE and reactive IRS through individual interviews, focus group discussions, and an adherence assessment. Findings will help to inform the design and implementation of such malaria elimination strategies, as to maximize acceptance and effectiveness.