UN Special Envoy for Tuberculosis: Strategic Priorities

Investigator: Eric Goosby, MD

Location(s): Ethiopia; Kenya; Mozambique; Tanzania; Zambia; Zimbabwe; Angola; Central African Republic; Congo (Kinshasa); Congo (Brazzaville); Lesotho; South Africa; Liberia; Nigeria; Sierra Leone; China; North Korea; Bangladesh; India; Pakistan; Cambodia; Indonesia; Viet Nam; Myanmar; Thailand; Philippines; Russia; Brazil; Papua New Guinea


Dr. Goosby will work towards boosting the profile of the fight against TB and promoting the adoption, financing and implementation of the UN World Health Organization's (WHO) global End TB Strategy after 2015.

In addition, he will push for the achievement of the Strategy's "ambitious international targets" for tuberculosis prevention, care and control while also pursuing the TB 2015 targets described in the Millennium Development Goals in an effort to dramatically decrease the 1.5 million TB related deaths occurring globally.