UCSF Alliance Health Project (AHP)

Investigator: James Dilley, MD
Sponsor: AIDS Walk San Francisco Foundation

Location(s): United States


The UCSF Alliance Health Project backs its mission with capacity and creativity to help LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities construct healthy and meaningful lives.

Founded as the AIDS Health Project in 1984, AHP has proven its commitment as one of the longest-running mental health organizations in the world for people with HIV- and LGBTQ-related concerns.

AHP’s mental health expertise is the bedrock upon which we have built dozens of pioneering programs. We offer a broad range of services including therapy, support groups, crisis intervention, psychiatric care, substance abuse services, and HIV counseling and testing. As a program of one of the best medical schools in the world, we also engage in innovative mental health care research and equip providers in the field with continuing education.