Tuberculosis contact tracing in resource poor settings

Investigator: Elizabeth Fair, PhD, MPH

Location(s): Tanzania; Indonesia


My research sits at an intersection between providing technical assistance in tuberculosis (TB) care and control and conducting applied implementation science and operations research.  My work is focused on two thematic areas: 1) development and evaluation of TB intensified case finding methods in high burden settings and 2) implementation/dissemination of evidence-based public health interventions for TB.  I have experience with the evaluation of intensified case finding methods for TB in low-income countries, including studying the impact of TB contact investigation. I have ongoing projects in Indonesia and Tanzania. 

I am a regular consultant for the WHO, ATS, and the Dutch Tuberculosis Group (KNCV), and am a faculty of the Curry International Tuberculosis Center of UCSF. I have worked for extended periods in Tanzania, Kenya, Eritrea, Ireland, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. I am interested in getting back involved with GHS both in terms of mentoring and strategic planning.