Tools for the Endgame: Accelerating the development and introduction of Dx to Support the London Declaration 2020 goals for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)

Investigator: Thomas Lietman, MD
Sponsor: Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)

Location(s): Ethiopia


Many NTDs can be treated safely and effectively on a mass scale, often through administering treatment to entire communities at risk of disease, which helps to reduce transmission of infection over time. Recent efforts have focused on increasing drug coverage worldwide and treating the most vulnerable populations. However, as mass drug campaigns are scaled up, it will be necessary to inform and direct these efforts by taking measure of their effect over time. This information will be essential to guide programmatic decision-making, such as when to reduce or stop mass treatment.

PATH works with stakeholders to identify where the introduction and scale up of new diagnostic tools will have the greatest impact, evaluate potential technologies, and focus on the most promising new diagnostics. PATH will invest in diagnostics development with partners to create and test prototypes, with the ultimate goal of supporting the commercialization of a series of new high-impact diagnostic tests for NTDs.