Tanzania Emergency Medicine Partnership

Investigator: Teri Reynolds, MD, MS, PhD
Sponsor: Abbott Fund

Location(s): Tanzania


In 2001, Abbott, the Abbott Fund and the Government of Tanzania formed a public-private partnership to strengthen the country's health care system and address critical areas of need. To date, the Abbott Fund has invested more than $100 million in this more than 10-year partnership effort, and Abbott has made more than $5 million in corporate donations. 

The Abbott Fund has been working to comprehensively modernize Muhimbili National Hospital. Key improvements include: a new emergency-medicine department that served 120,000 patients in its first three years of operations; a new outpatient treatment center that serves hundreds of patients per day; a modernized hospital laboratory building; a hospital-wide IT system that tracks inventory, prescriptions and patient health history; and training for hospital managers and health care workers.