T-cell Epitope Contract

Investigator: Payam Nahid, MD, MPH
Sponsor: Oregon Health Sciences University

Location(s): United States


The goal of the Large Scale T Cell Epitope Discovery program at the Oregon Health University is to establish and support several highly interactive, multi-disciplinary teams focused on Large ScaleDiscovery of T Cell epitopes associated with microorganisms responsible for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and potential agents of bioterrorism and their toxins. The Discovery and validation of novel T Cell epitopes will facilitate the design and development of vaccines; improved immune-based therapeutics; and diagnostic tools for the prevention, treatment and detection of such infections, by providing critical information needed to select MHC-peptide or other MHC-ligand complexes that induceT Cell activation for the generation and maintenance of protective immunity.

Partmers at UCSF hace specific objectives in support of the Large Scale T Cell Epitope Discovery program.