Shamba Maisha: Qualitative Evaluation of the Mental Health Impacts of a Multisectoral Livelihood Intervention for Food Security and HIV Outcomes in Kenya

Investigator: Kathryne Doria, MS

Location(s): Kenya


Food insecurity and HIV/AIDS are linked epidemics, as each condition increases the vulnerability to and exacerbates the outcome of the other. Although shared risk factors among these epidemics have been previously well described, little is known about how these epidemics work in concert to affect mental health. Shamba Maisha (SM), a multisectoral livelihood intervention designed to address the root causes of poverty and food insecurity, was piloted in 2012-2013 in Western Kenya to assess the complex health impacts from each condition. Here we aimed to explore the mental health impacts and mechanisms of the intervention using an in-depth patient perspective. 

Mentor: Sheri Weiser, MD, MA, MPH