School of Global Health Health Planning: Centers of Expertise Development

Investigator: Haile Debas, MD
Sponsor: Gilead Foundation

Location(s): United States


The UC Global Health Institute is composed of multi-campus Centers of Expertise (COE) that lead UC-wide education programs and develop targeted multi-campus research endeavors and sustained partnerships for implementing programs and interventions. After a competitive application process in which 12 teams of faculty across the UC system proposed multi-campus centers, three were chosen to create the foundation for the Institute:
Migration and Health: devoted to systematically studying the health consequences of international population movements and developing more effective strategies to address them.
One Health: to assess and respond to global health problems arising at the human-water-animal-food interface and to design, implement, and evaluate practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that focus on the foundations of health in collaboration with local partners.
Womens Health & Empowerment: to catalyze societal-level changes that will yield sustainable improvements in health and well-being for women on a global scale.