Schistosome Research

Sponsor: Biodefense and Emerging Infections Research Resources Repository (BEI Resources)

Location(s): United States


We employ a number of genetic, biochemical, chemical and technological approaches to drug discovery for schistosomiasis.  At the same time, we maintain an independent basic biology focus in order to predict and test possible new drug targets, as well as understand, for example, some of the proteolytic enzyme systems involved in aiding penetrance through human skin by parasite larvae and digestion of the blood meal by adults.  Our research benefits from the collaborations with those working on different parasites within the Center and with colleagues around the world.

We have recently developed a screening platform to expedite the screening of large compound libraries against the parasite. We continue to modify and automate the platform to improve rigor and throughput and a collaboration with Rahul Singh (San Francisco State University) is allowing incorporation of automated image analysis to facilitate complex phenotypic screening in a high throughput manner. We have and are currently screening collections of drugs approved for use in humans as well as those supplied from industrial and academic contacts.