Satellite Symposium at Microbicides 2010 on Bacterial Therapeutics

Investigator: Craig Cohen, MD, MPH
Sponsor: NIH Miscellaneous Other

Location(s): United States


Although research on probiotics has been conducted for decades, the field is
currently receiving increased attention due to recent advances in developing
enhanced human lactobacilli strains that can deliver anti-HIV drugs and
function as a live microbicide. The Microbicides 2010 Conference provided a
real opportunity to bring together researchers, industry representatives and
also potential donors to discuss the science, current stages of development,
gaps in our knowledge and potential next steps.
Follow the website link to read the proceedings of the Microbicides 2010 Satellite
Symposium ‘Probiotics: the potential for a live microbicide’, held on May 22nd, 2010 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).