Role of the Informal Sector in Mixed Health Services Project

Investigator: Dominic Montagu, DrPH
Sponsor: Results for Development Institute

Location(s): Burundi; Ethiopia; Kenya; Madagascar; Malawi; Mozambique; Rwanda; Somalia; Uganda; Tanzania; Zambia; Zimbabwe; Cameroon; Congo (Kinshasa); Sudan; South Africa; Benin; Ghana; Mali; Nigeria; Senegal; Sierra Leone; Togo; China; Bangladesh; India; Nepal; Pakistan; Cambodia; Indonesia; Viet Nam; Laos; Myanmar; Philippines; Yemen; El Salvador; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Peru; Papua New Guinea


Informal health care providers (IPs) comprise a significant component of health systems in developing nations. This comprehensive literature review on the informal health care sector in developing countries examined characteristics of performance, cost, quality, utilization, and size of this sector.