Restratification of Epidemiology & Development of Interventions For More Effective Control & Elimination of Malaria in Vietnam

Sponsor: DOD Naval Health Research Center

Location(s): Viet Nam


This project is comprised of two main objectives: 

1) identify malaria epidemiology with different levels of endemicity and populations at risk to allow more effective application of limited resources, and 
2) develop appropriate strategies and associated targeted interventions in order to plan and execute more effective control and elimination of malaria for specific areas. 
These objectives will be realized through three main activities:
1) update and optimize the malaria surveillance system with the introduction of a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) to support targeted interventions and the monitoring and evaluation of their impact;
2) maximize the impact of interventions through operations research to model the potential impact of all currently available and emerging interventions; and
3) quality improvement of current tools for malaria elimination by improving diagnosis, treatment and the implementation of individual case reporting.