Remediation of Cognition in Kids to Overcome Neglect (ROCK ON)

Investigator: Jyoti Mishra, PhD

Location(s): India


This Global Health Basic Science Award enables Project "ROCK ON": Remediation of Cognition in Kids to Overcome Neglect. ROCK ON is a global mental health project collaboration between UCSF and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. It shall assess the feasibility, acceptability and pilot efficacy of a novel cognitive training program applied in pre-teen and adolescent children who have suffered from early life neglect. Children in a foster-care home setting in New Delhi, India will train on the ROCK ON program for three months and will be assessed on cognitive, behavioral, academic performance and neuroimaging measures before and after training and in a follow-up visit. Outcomes will be compared to a wait-listed control group. 

The ROCK ON cognitive training is technologically advanced in its online computerized framework that allows implementation in a remote internet-connected setting. Additionally, the training focuses on neuroplasticity targeted remediation of the cognitive deficits observed in neglected children. If successful, the ROCK ON training program shall provide a scientifically validated means of positively impacting and enriching the lives of neglected children worldwide.