Refugee and Asylum seeker Health Initiative

Investigator: Fatima Karaki, MD

Location(s): Syria


My background and interest is in refugee and asylum seeker health, both locally and overseas, and specifically within the Syrian refugee crisis. I have also founded RAHI: The Refugee and Asylum seeker Health Initiative which will encompass and oversee all clinical and academic endeavors related to refugee and asylee health in the UCSF system. The goal is to make refugee and asylee health a recognized priority within the health system, to improve quality of care of these individuals, and to foster education and academic activity in this field. The committee is multidisciplinary with members from all involved groups (faculty, global health core, Survivors International, Newcomers health program, UC Consortium, asylum evaluators, interested students/housestaff, legal consultants, etc). We provide support and expertise in clinical endeavors, develop housestaff and student curriculum, and encourage academic activity/ publications in this field.