Reducing Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Screening in Vietnamese Americans

Investigator: Tung Nguyen, MD
Sponsor: Cancer Prevention Institute of California (CPIC)

Location(s): United States


Vietnamese Americans have socio-economic and health disparities and are medically underserved.  The objective of this project is to provide infrastructure services to the community and academic health centers (AHC) to overcome collaboration barriers to form community-academic partnerships to conduct health science research.  The specific aims are: 1) to expand infrastructure in the Vietnamese American community and at AHC, and 2) to support, conduct, and sustain community-academic collaborative health science research to reduce health disparities in this underserved community. The project expands the infrastructure through 1) services -- to include collaboration support, mentorship, training and workshops, proposal review panels and submission, and community health forums; 2) research topics -- to included diet, smoking cessation, hepatitis B, occupational exposure reduction, comparative- and cost-effectiveness of mobile mammography, and breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening; 3) geographical area -- to include 4 contiguous San Francisco Bay Area Counties (Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara) in California; 4) type of community health centers, and healthcare provider organizations; 5) number of organizations conducting collaborative research; and 6) target population -- from the Vietnamese to Asian American community.  If this infrastructure model is found to be successful in achieving its aims in the Vietnamese and Asian American communities, the model will be disseminated to other underserved, low income, ethnic, and racial populations throughout the U.S.