Reducing dietary risks associated with noncommunicable disease


Location(s): Brazil


I work primarily on prevention on noncommunicable disease, collaborating widely with colleagues on advancing policies and practices in this area. I work most intensively in Latin America on policies related to reducing dietary risks, including soda taxes, front of pack labeling, marketing to children, public procurement  and school food. I currently have an IDRC funded project in Brazil and have worked with the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and as a consultant to PAHO on these issues. I am part of the US NCD Roundtable which works to increase US support on NCDs globally and of the Coalition for a Healthy  Latin America.  I lived and worked in Latin America for many years and am a former professor at Brazil's Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, and former director and professor at the University of Brasilia School of Health Sciences. I am on the Board of the WHO Kobe Center for Health Development, and part of the policy advisory network of World Obesity.