Reaching high risk post-partum women for nutritional assessment and counseling via a telephone-based coaching program

Investigator: Margaret Handley, PhD, MPH
Sponsor: University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Location(s): United States


The purpose of the STAR-MAMA intervention is to develop a patient-tailored telephone-base counseling intervention for young Latino women who are at high risk of diabetes. The intervention will focus at the end of pregnancy and the 9 months post-partum period to improve education and behavioral counseling on nutrition and other related health topics . The following hypotheses will be formally tested: Compared with controls at 9 months post-partum: 1. Women in the STAR-Moms program will have improved self-reported behavioral outcomes for minutes of physical activity, lower fat diet, and breast-feeding duration (in weeks); 2. Women in the STAR-Moms program will have improved diabetes prevention knowledge; 3.Women in the STAR-Moms program will have increased diabetes-relevant screening rates. Women in the STAR-MAMA will have lost more weight than women in the control group.