Randomized Control Trial on Diabetes in Food Banks

Investigator: Hilary K. Seligman, MD
Sponsor: Feeding America

Location(s): United States


In early 2015 Feeding America began designing an RCT, with a waitlist control group, to evaluate the effectiveness of using food banks to identify food-insecure clients with uncontrolled diabetes and to provide food, education, emotional support and links to primary care. The Feeding America Intervention Trial for Health – Diabetes Mellitus (FAITH-DM) will be implemented through three partner food banks (Alameda County Community Food Bank,Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern MichiganHouston Food Bank) and will reach over 720 high-risk, underserved food-insecure adults with poorly managed diabetes. The diabetes research trial intervention will help provide diabetes management services that are frequently unavailable, inconvenient or poorly adapted for this population.