Quality of data collection on women who received obstetric fistula repair surgery at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala, Uganda

Investigator: Breanna Calhoun, MS
Sponsor: Global Health Sciences Education

Location(s): Uganda


 In Uganda, approximately 142,000 women of reproductive age suffer from obstetric fistula. Obstetric fistula is a medical condition that consists of an irregular opening between the bladder and the vagina and/or between the rectum and vagina as a result of prolonged obstructed labor. Women with obstetric fistula are isolated, shamed, suffer from infertility, psychological trauma, unemployment, are misperceived by others, and other challenges. In order to prevent these challenges and treat the condition, healthcare workers need high quality data. The purpose of our study was to analyze the quality of data collected and to provide suggestions for a standardized data collection tool to improve data quality at one of the largest facilities in the country that provides fistula repair, Mulago National Referral Hospital, in Kampala, Uganda.

MentorAlison El Ayadi, ScD, MPH