A Qualitative Study Exploring the Barriers to and Facilitators of Nighttime Sleep Duration and Sleep Habits in Latino 2- to 5-year-olds

Investigator: Suzanna M. Martinez, PhD
Sponsor: Academic Pediatric Association, Inc.

Location(s): United States


Dr. Martinez’s study will examine the relationship between sleep hygiene in Latino patients and pediatric obesity. There is a growing literature showing that sleep deprivation is related to obesity. Despite this evidence, little is known about sleep patterns (e.g., persistent adequate sleep) and correlates of nighttime sleep habits (e.g., bedtime routine) in Latino families. Such knowledge would inform interventions addressing and encouraging healthier sleep patterns. In this proposed study, Dr. Martinez will qualitatively assess the sleep habits of Latino parents of preschool-age children (2- to 5-years old) in the San Francisco Bay Area to identify correlates of optimal sleep duration and healthy sleep habits in their children. The study results will then be used to examine the link between sleep practices and obesity in Latino families.