Project SEARCH Nigeria HIV Prevention Project

Investigator: George Rutherford, MD
Sponsor: Futures Group International

Location(s): Nigeria


The DATE project had four objectives:

  • Synthesize and analyze all available data, using data synthesis and triangulation methodology toward evidence-based recommendations for improved sexual transmission prevention programming
  • Carry out a focused impact analysis of PEPFAR Abstinence & Being Faithful and Condoms & Other Prevention programming using triangulation methodology
  • Build in-country capacity for data triangulation among relevant stakeholders
  • Develop recommendations for addressing identified information gaps in sexual transmission prevention
Through the DATE project, Futures Group conducted and built local capacity in secondary data analyses and triangulation to inform HIV prevention decisionmaking.
DATE employed a widely participative strategy, and actively involved Nigeria’s National Agency for the Control of AIDS and National Population Commission, U.S. government implementing partners, and other key stakeholders. Throughout, Futures Group built the capacity of the government of Nigeria to conduct similar analyses for planning and monitoring purposes in the future.

DATE was a task order project under the Project SEARCH indefinite quantity contract. Futures Group’s partners included the University of California, San Francisco and the Nigerian Association for Reproductive and Family Health.