Project 2: Effect of Humanized Anti Pcrv Antibody on Total Bacterial Community Composition of Adult Patients with Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Sponsor: KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Location(s): United States


KB001A, is an antibody fragment intended for protection against bacterial pneumonia caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pa) in mechanically-ventilated patients. Most serious Pa infections occur in hospitalized and critically or chronically ill patients--primarily affecting the respiratory system in susceptible individuals--and are a serious clinical problem due to the bacteria's resistance to antibiotics.
Research in the Lynch laboratory addresses key areas of human microbiome research: • Early-life microbiome assembly
• Community perturbation and reassembly
• Relationships between microbiome composition, function and chronic immune activation
• Development of rationally designed novel microbiome-based therapeutics
• The gut-airway axis