Preparing Lao PDR for malaria elimination

Investigator: Adam Bennett, PhD, MA

Location(s): Laos


The objective of this grant is to support the Lao PDR Center for Malariology, Parasitology, and Entomology (CMPE) to accelerate progress toward achieving their national goal of malaria elimination by 2030. The project includes three primary aims:

1) Improving understanding of malaria epidemiology and elimination readiness in northern Lao PDR.

2) Strengthening surveillance and response systems to detect and respond to malaria epidemics.

3) Assisting CMPE and partners to design and iteratively refine multi-sectorial malaria elimination strategies.

Specific project activities include trainings and technical support for data collection and analysis by health staff; field surveys to determine high-risk groups and risk factors; development and implementation of surveillance and rapid response systems to support rapid elimination; and operational research studies to understand local epidemiology and assess targeted case detection strategies.