A Phase 2 Study of Oral ENMD-2076 for the Treatment of Patients with Advanced Fibrolamellar Carcinoma (FLC)


Location(s): United States


Fibrolamellar liver cancer is a rare form of liver cancer that is challenging to treat successfully. It is sometimes removed by surgery. There is no standard chemotherapy or other systemic therapy regimen that has been found to be effective for treating patients with inoperable fibrolamellar liver cancer.

In this study, researchers are evaluating the safety and effectiveness of an investigational drug called ENMD-2076 in patients with advanced fibrolamellar liver cancer that cannot be surgically removed. ENMD-2076 blocks a protein called protein kinase A, which may be important for the growth of fibrolamellar liver cancers. It also blocks other targets, including those that support the flow of blood to the cancer.