Pathways to Health: Targeting Health Disparities

Investigator: Cathi Dennehy, RN, DNP, FNPC
Sponsor: U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration

Location(s): United States


Pathways to Health:Targeting Health Disparities helps to fund nursing education andtraining,and services related to chronic illnesscare with a goal to improve health outcomes in amedically underserved population (Dennehy & Saxe 2005).The CCM has provided the frame-work for guiding related educational and service activities; and reducing barriers to care. The Glide Health Services health care providers care foradults within a nurse-managed primary practice integrating mental health, complementary care and substance abuse services.In 2005,Glide Health Services provided 10,700 visits to a total of 3,170 un-duplicated clients. Clients are predominately homeless (61.5%),uninsured (81.0%),over the age of 34 (68%),male (62%),and racially diverse (34.8% Caucasian, 31.3% African-American, and 24.9% predominantly Hispanic and Asian Pacific-Islander).Common chronic illnesses include hypertension, diabetes mellitus, depression, substance abuse and asthma.Glide Health Services has participated in the Diabetes Collaborative through the California Primary Care Association since August 2003. As of December 2006,there were 100 registered diabetic patients in this project.