Out Patient Mental Health Support Group for Heterosexual Identified HIV+ African American Men [I]

Sponsor: City and County of San Francisco

Location(s): United States


UCSF's HIV/AIDS Program is one of the most comprehensive AIDS treatment programs in the country. The center, founded in 1984, offers a range of high-quality services in a single location to people living with HIV/AIDS. Our 360: Positive Care Center provides primary care to people living with HIV/AIDS as well as other services auch as medication and pain management. We also have four specialized programs to address the special needs of our patients:

We help patients live healthier, longer lives with new medications and combinations of drugs. In addition to providing the best possible care and support, we aim to address issues such as HIV and aging, as well as disparities in care among African-Americans.

UCSF is also a leader in HIV/AIDS research. Patients may participate in clinical trials — studies of new medications and treatments — giving them access to cutting-edge therapies.