Oncogenic Viral Biomarkers in Nonmalignant Human Breast Tissue

Investigator: Kimberly Baltzell, RN, PhD, MS
Sponsor: Avon Foundation for Women

Location(s): United States


Analysis of patient samples for the presence of the three oncogenic viruses.  We have begun the acquisition of tissue sections and NAF (cytospun onto slides) from a previous cohort at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. The cohort was previously screened for biomarkers in nipple aspirate. Women with NAF cell abnormalities are 4–5 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women with no NAF. This study aims to determine if that risk is related to oncogenic viruses and to evaluate the feasibility of detecting these viruses in NAF. The results could be translational, enabling identification of women at higher risk of developing breast cancer, just as HPV screening of cervical samples is now being used.