Novartis Corporation Service Agreement

Investigator: Regis Kelly, MD
Sponsor: Novartis Pharma AG

Location(s): United States


Four pharma partners, Bayer, Novartis, Pfizer, and Roche, have joined with QB3 and Mission Bay Capital to find and invest in innovative startups. Potentially, these partnerships can provide

  • Seed-stage capital: pharma and MBC will co-invest
  • Focus on the most important technical risks: what data will be necessary to get larger investment
  • Strong validation to VCs
  • Leveraged expertise and services from large companies

QB3’s mission is to stimulate innovative life science to keep us healthy, sustain our environment and grow the economy.

We promote cross-campus, interdisciplinary research using quantitative approaches to tackle the most difficult challenges.

Our creative partnerships with industry and support for entrepreneurial scientists bring the fruit of research to market and bring benefit to society—in the form of products, services, and high-value life science jobs.

Our tools include research facilities, educational programs, internships, mentoring, incubators, and a seed-stage venture fund.