New Generation Health Center Support

Investigator: J. Joseph Speidel, MD, MPH
Sponsor: David B. Gold Foundation

Location(s): United States


UC San Francisco (UCSF) and the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) have committed to continue supporting New Generation Health Center for an additional year, enabling the center to provide reproductive health care in the community through June 2017.

All current patients will be able to continue receiving services at the center, which has been dedicated to confidential reproductive health for teens and young adults in San Francisco since 1997. In health care’s changing landscape, the center has seen a 27 percent drop in patient enrollment over the past six years. It also has seen a dramatic drop in philanthropy, which has focused on addressing the high incidence of teen pregnancy, as the teen birth rate has plummeted in San Francisco during that time. The two factors have led to a net loss of $400,000 per year for the center.

Since March, when the center announced it would close, UCSF and its staff at New Generation have seen an outpouring of community support for the specific services and personalized care the center provides. As a result of this support, as well as community concern over an imminent closure, the university, in consultation with the Health Department, has identified funds from a variety of programs that will enable the center to remain open long enough to develop a solid transition plan and explore the possibility for continued operations