Monitoring and Evaluation to Support Sayana Press Scale-Up in Nigeria 2015-2016

Sponsor: Children's Investment Fund Foundation

Location(s): Nigeria


 Self-injection with Sayana Press has the potential to give girls and women greater access to high-quality contraception, and help avoid unintended pregnancy. This programme will address the practical and regulatory challenges to making self-injection widely available.

The all-in-one, pre-filled, single use, non-reusable injection system is an important innovation. It eliminates the need to prepare a needle and syringe, so a wider range of health providers can administer the contraceptive. Studies have shown that Sayana Press is a popular choice which is easy to use.  Most teenagers in poor countries  lack access to contraception and this age group has the highest unmet demand. Teenage users of injectables are most likely to discontinue within a year, often due to lack of easy access. Sayana Press’s simplicity offers the potential to increase the number of health providers who can offer the product in non-clinic settings, such as at home, along with voluntary family planning advice. It also offers the opportunity, eventually, for self-injection.