Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Improved Health Sustainability in the Philippines

Investigator: John Peabody, MD, PhD
Sponsor: University of the Philippines System

Location(s): Philippines


The Quality Improvement Demonstration Study (QIDS) EHSRA is a four-year project supported by the U.S. National Institute of Health and led by John Peabody (University of California in San Francisco) and Orville Solon (University of the Philippines School of Economics).  In the Philippines, the partner institutions for the project include the Department of Health, the PhilHealth, and the UPEcon Foundation.

The primary objective of QIDS/EHSRA is to carefully measure the effectiveness of policy interventions within the HSRA framework on the health status of children. The project likewise examines the link between health status and cognitive ability of children so that inferences can be made on the relationship between policy interventions in health and ultimately, economic growth.