M tuberculosis Cells from Patients with Tuberculosis

Investigator: Midori Kato-Maeda, MD

Location(s): Tanzania; Zimbabwe; Panama


Dr. Kato-Maeda’s research activities focus on the study of the diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its impact on the varying outcomes of tuberculosis transmission and pathogenesis, as well as its transmission dynamics.
Her research group has demonstrated that the classification of MTB based on lineages and sublineages has a biological meaning, as some sublineages of MTB strains are more likely to cause secondary cases.

She has collaborations with the San Francisco Department of Public Health Division of Tuberculosis, CDC, and other academic institutions in United States and abroad including Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Panama.

Dr. Kato-Maeda participates in teaching activities related to the molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis as well as research management involving laboratory components. She also facilitates laboratory meetings for the tuberculosis research community at SFGH/UCSF. Dr. Kato-Maeda also serves as a consultant for laboratory aspects of the Tuberculosis Control Program, and is a consultant to numerous research projects related to tuberculosis.