Knowledge of Emergency Contraception in California

Sponsor: California Wellness Foundation, The

Location(s): United States


The State of California has taken several steps to make emergency contraceptives (ECs) available to women in the state. By using data from the 1999-2001 California Women's Health Survey, we estimated the knowledge of emergency contraception among adult women of reproductive age at risk of pregnancy (n=6209).

This study is based on 3 years of data (1999-2001) from the California Women's Health Survey (CWHS), an annual population-based survey of more than 4000 randomly selected adult women (aged 18 years and older) in California. A total of 6198 women aged 18 to 44 responded to the 2 emergency contraception questions: “To the best of your knowledge, if a woman has unprotected sex is there anything she can do in the 3 days after intercourse that will prevent pregnancy?” and “What can she do?”