International Training in Transfusion Medicine

Investigator: Mike Busch, MD, PhD

Location(s): South Africa; China; Brazil


Blood Systems Research Institute (BSRI) conducts research training in international transfusion safety through our participation in the REDS Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study, with courses in Latin America, Paris (for francophone Africa) and South Africa (for Anglophone Africa). 

Over 20 published manuscripts on international transfusion safety have resulted from these research training efforts, including: 
• a study comparing blood collection procedures at national blood collection center versus unaffiliated centers in Burkina Faso (Nebie K. Transfusion 2011) 
• a study of the residual risk reduction associated with the use of a HIV antigen antibody Page 10 of 153 combination test in Africa (Tayou Tagny C. Transfusion 2011). 
• a study on risk factors for HBV infection among blood donors in Vietnam (Tran NQ, J Vietnam Med 2010)
• a study of HTLV prevalence in Argentinian blood donors (Berini CA. J Med Virol 2010;82(5):873-7)
We are developng a series of Symposia/Workshops focusing on junior scientists that will rotate between China, Brazil and South Africa. We are developing a hybrid web/in person approach to international training of Transfusion Medicine researchers.